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BEDFORD Piston Ring

BEDFORD Piston Ring from China
BEDFORD Piston Ring

MP NO. Engine Model / OEM Dia/Φmm Ring Width Cylinder
ETBF-EPR001 BEDFORD G.M.E. Φ85.725 2.38+2.38+4.76 6CYL
ETBF-EPR002 220 KF-LC5 Φ103.175 2.38+2.38+2.38+4.76+4.76 6CYL
ETBF-EPR003 D.K.T.TJ.TKV SERIES Φ103.18 2.38+2.38+4.73 6CYL
ETBF-EPR004 BEDFORD MOT500 Φ115.888 3.17+2.38+4.76 6CYL
ETBF-EPR005 BEDFORD 4.5625 Φ115.888 3+2.38+4.76+4 6CYL
ETBF-EPR006 BEDFORD MOT466 Φ115.888 2.30+2.38+2.38+4.76+4.76 6CYL
ETBF- EPR007 BEDFORD 3375 Φ85.725 2.38+2.38+4.76 6CYL
ETBF-EPR008 AE R40150 Ф103.176   6CYL

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Welcome to contact us for more information of  BEDFORD Piston Ring.
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