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Cummins Engine Parts(Name)

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  • CUMMINS Engine Bearing
  • CUMMINS Cylinder Block
    CUMMINS Cylinder Block ET No. ENGINE TYPE OEM.No ETC-CB001 CUMMINS 4BT 3903920 ETC-CB002 CUMMINS 6BT 3928797 ETC-CB003 CUMMINS 6CT 3971411 ETC-CB004 NT855 3081283 ETC-CB005 KTA19 3088303 ETC-CB006 NT855-C 3166012 ETC-CB007 M11/QSM11/ISM11 4
  • CUMMINS Power Steering Pump
    CUMMINS Power Steering Pump ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-PS001 3406RN2-001 CUMMINS Power Steering Pump ETCM-PS002 3406Z07-001-A CUMMINS Power Steering Pump ETCM-PS003 3406Z24-001 CUMMINS Power Steering Pump ETCM-PS004 3406Z36-001 CUMMINS
  • CUMMINS Connecting Rod
    CUMMINSConnecting Rod ET No. Engine Mode PART NO. ETC-CR001 Cummins KConnecting Rod 6BT 3901569 ETC-CR002 3642551 ETC-CR003 Cummins Connecting Rod 6CT 3901383 Welcome to contact us for more information about CUMMINS Connecting Rod Quick Ser
  • CUMMINS Turbocharger
    CUMMINS Turbocharger ET NO. Model Part No. Remark ETTC-CM001 6CTAA210PS A3960478 ETTC-CM002 Cummins6BTA180PS A3960454 HX35/40W series ETTC-CM003 6BT160PS A3919191 H1C ETTC-CM004 6BT A3900408 WH1C series ETTC-CM005 755134-5001 GT37 ETTC-CM00
  • CUMMINS Clutch
    CUMMINS Clutch ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-CL001 1601.6B-130 Clutch Driven Disc ASSY ETCM-CL002 1601D-130 Clutch Driven Disc ASSY ETCM-CL003 1601N12-130 Clutch Driven Disc ASSY ETCM-CL004 1601N-130 Clutch Driven Disc ASSY ETCM-CL005 1601
  • CUMMINS Crankshaft
    CUMMINS Crankshaft ET NO. ENGINE TYPE OEM.No Eccentric Main B. Con rod Overall Distance Diameter Diameter Length (MM) (MM) (MM) (MM) ETC-CS001 CUMMINS Crankshaft 6BT 3907804 60 83 69 860 ETC-CS002 CUMMINS Crankshaft 6CT 3917320 ETC-CS003 CU
  • CUMMINS Repair Kit
    Cummins Repair Kit ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-RK001 3164491 PRESSURE/Vacuum MODULE ETCM-RK002 3824842 Compuchek Joint ETCM-RK003 3377244 Compuchek Joint ETCM-RK004 4918416 CUMMINS Inline 5 Kit ETCM-RK005 3376859 CUMMINS Quick Fitting ET
  • CUMMINS Feed Pump
    CUMMINS Feed Pump ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-FPP001 C3415355 CUMMINS Feed Pump ETCM-FPP002 C3415661 CUMMINS Feed Pump ETCM-FPP003 C3415699 CUMMINS Feed Pump ETCM-FPP004 C4937766 CUMMINS Feed Pump ETCM-FPP005 C4937767 CUMMINS Feed Pump E
    CUMMINS Fan ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-FP001 C4931778 CUMMINS Fan ETCM-FP002 C4931802 CUMMINS Fan ETCM-FP003 C4938888 CUMMINS Fan ETCM-FP004 C4940441 CUMMINS Fan ETCM-FP005 C4980795 CUMMINS Fan ETCM-FP006 C4994256 CUMMINS Fan ETCM-FP007
  • CUMMINS Exhaust Pipe
    CUMMINS Exhaust Pipe ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-EP001 Z3900429 CUMMINS Exhaust Bellows ETCM-EP002 C3999839 Exhaust Outlet Adapter ETCM-EP003 C3999840 Exhaust Outlet Adapter ETCM-EP004 C3910994 Exhaust Manifolds ETCM-EP005 A3901607 CUMMI
  • CUMMINS Intake Pipe
    CUMMINS Intake Pipe ET No. Part No. Parts Name ETCM-IPP001 A3901117 CUMMINS Intake Valve ETCM-IPP002 C3924492 CUMMINS Intake Valve ETCM-IPP003 C3970727 CUMMINS Intake Valve ETCM-IPP004 C4995554 CUMMINS Intake Valve ETCM-IPP005 D3924492 CUMM
  • CUMMINS Crank Pulley
    CUMMINS Crank Pulley ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-CP001 81B04-03002 CUMMINS Pulley ETCM-CP002 C3914494 CUMMINS Pulley ETCM-CP003 C3908563 CUMMINS Pulley liner ETCM-CP004 C3922900 CUMMINS Tension Pully ETCM-CP005 C3936213 CUMMINS Tension P
  • CUMMINS Avseal
    CUMMINS Avseal Parts ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-AP001 A3918607 Bent Hosepipe ETCM-AP002 A3918608 Bent Hosepipe ETCM-AP003 C3024481 Bent Hosepipe ETCM-AP004 C3918607 Bent Hosepipe ETCM-AP005 C3918608 Bent Hosepipe ETCM-AP006 C3928492 Ben
  • CUMMINS Injector
    CUMMINS Injector ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-IP001 D3357444 CUMMINS Injection Pump ETCM-IP002 C4980547 CUMMINS Injection Pump ETCM-IP003 C3960558 Injection Pump ASSY ETCM-IP004 C3960739 Injection Pump ASSY ETCM-IP005 C3960756 Injection P
  • CUMMINS Inter Cooler
    CUMMINS Inter Cooler ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-IC001 A3910282 CUMMINS Inter Cooler ETCM-IC002 A3919806 CUMMINS Inter Cooler ETCM-IC003 C3919805 CUMMINS Inter Cooler ETCM-IC004 C3919806 CUMMINS Inter Cooler ETCM-IC005 C3924731 CUMMINS I
  • CUMMINS Injection Pump
    CUMMINS Injection Pump ET No. Part No. Name ETCM-FIP001 3282422-G CUMMINS Fuel Injection Pump ETCM-FIP002 A3913902 CUMMINS Fuel Injection Pump ETCM-FIP003 A3960406 CUMMINS Fuel Injection Pump ETCM-FIP004 A3960418 CUMMINS Fuel Injection Pump
  • CUMMINS High Pressure Oil Pipe
    CUMMINS High Pressure Oil Pipe ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-FP001 C3415375 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ETCM-FP002 C3415376 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ETCM-FP003 C3415439 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ETCM-FP004 C3415639 High-Pressure Oil Pipe ETCM-FP005
  • CUMMINS Thermostat
    CUMMINS Thermostat ET No. Part No. Part Name ETC-TM001 C3928639 Thermostat ETC-TM002 C3968559 Thermostat ETC-TM003 C4929642 Thermostat ETC-TM004 C4930315 Thermostat ETC-TM005 C4952629 Thermostat ETC-TM006 A3914409 Thermostat Base ETC-TM007
    CUMMINS Hose ASSY ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-HA001 A3281504 CUMMINS Hose ASSY ETCM-HA002 A3911705 CUMMINS Hose ASSY ETCM-HA003 A3960322 CUMMINS Hose ASSY ETCM-HA004 A3960368 CUMMINS Hose ASSY ETCM-HA005 A3960412 CUMMINS Hose ASSY ETCM-H
  • CUMMINS Poly V-belt
    CUMMINS Poly V-belt ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-PV001 C4960156 CUMMINS Poly V-belt ETCM-PV002 81B04-04012 CUMMINS Poly V-belt ETCM-PV003 81F33B-04012 CUMMINS Poly V-belt ETCM-PV004 81N08-04012 CUMMINS Poly V-belt ETCM-PV005 A3911562 CUMM
  • CUMMINS Fuel Cut Solenoid Valve
    CUMMINS Fuel Cut Solenoid ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-FV001 37Z36-56010-A Fuel Cut Solenoid Valve ETCM-FV002 37Z65-56010-A Fuel Cut Solenoid Valve ETCM-FV003 C3415441 Fuel Cut Solenoid Valve ETCM-FV004 C3415442 Fuel Cut Solenoid Valve ET
  • CUMMINS O-Ring
    CUMMINS O-Ring ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-OR001 A3910260 CUMMINS O-ring ETCM-OR002 A3910824 CUMMINS O-ring ETCM-OR003 C145582 CUMMINS O-ring ETCM-OR004 C3037236 CUMMINS O-ring ETCM-OR005 C3046201 CUMMINS O-ring ETCM-OR006 C3089240 CUMMI
  • CUMMINS Damper
    CUMMINS Damper ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-DP001 A3914454 Torsional Vibration Damper ETCM-DP002 C3925560 Torsional Vibration Damper ETCM-DP003 C3925561 Torsional Vibration Damper ETCM-DP004 C3925566 Torsional Vibration Damper ETCM-DP005
  • CUMMINS Fuel Pipeline
    CUMMINS Fuel Pipeline ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-FPL001 A3905649 CUMMINS Fuel pipeline ETCM-FPL002 A3907582 CUMMINS Fuel pipeline ETCM-FPL003 A3914753 CUMMINS Fuel pipeline ETCM-FPL004 A3960018 CUMMINS Fuel pipeline ETCM-FPL005 A3960686
  • CUMMINS Air Filter
    CUMMINS Air Filter ET NO. OEM NO. ENGINE VEHICLE ETAF-CM001 3050498 KTA38,KTA50,KTA28 EDI-750/900/1250-CX ETAF-CM002 NT855,NTA855 EDI-350-CX ETAF-CM003 C-71338-2 KTA19,KTA38 EDI-750/800/900-CX ETAF-CM004 3021645 3021644 3022209 NT855-G6 EDI
  • CUMMINS Oil Filter
    CUMMINS Oil Filter ET NO. OEM NO. ENGINE VEHICLE ETOF-CM001 331327938893103313280 KTA-38-G2 KT855-G4 DFJA.DFJB.DFCC ETOF-CM002 3304232 3889311 3313283,4,9 KTA19-G3 KTA38-G3 DEDB,DFJC ETOF-CM003 3310169 KTA50-G3 KTA38-G3 DFTC,DFLC ETOF-CM004
  • CUMMINS Fuel Filter
    CUMMINS Fuel Filter ET NO. OEM NO. ENGINE VEHICLE ETFF-CM001 3309437 299202 3313306 VTA28-G3 KTA38-G3 DFCC;DFJC ETFF-CM002 3315788 258264 NT855 DFBF;DFCB ETFF-CM003 3315788 258264 NT855 DFBF;DFCB ETFF-CM004 3305371 NT855 DFBF;DFCB ETFF-CM00
  • CUMMINS Flywheel
    CUMMINS Flywheel ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-FW001 A3960447 CUMMINS Flywheel ETCM-FW002 A3960742 CUMMINS Flywheel ETCM-FW003 C3415349 CUMMINS Flywheel ETCM-FW004 C3415551 CUMMINS Flywheel ETCM-FW005 C3415590 CUMMINS Flywheel ETCM-FW006 C
  • CUMMINS Air Compressor
    CUMMINS Air Compressor ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-AC001 81B04-04002 Air-Condition Pully ETCM-AC002 C3973806 Air-Condition Pully ETCM-AC003 C3973843 Air-Condition Pully ETCM-AC004 Z3900060 Air-Condition Pully ETCM-AC005 Z3900143 Air-Cond
  • CUMMINS Oil Pan
    CUMMINS Oil Pan ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-OP001 A3901049 Oil Pan ETCM-OP002 A3915703 Oil Pan ETCM-OP003 A3960495 Oil Pan ETCM-OP004 C2831341 Oil Pan ETCM-OP005 C3901049 Oil Pan ETCM-OP006 C3914013 Oil Pan ETCM-OP007 C3915703 Oil Pan ET
  • CUMMINS Camshaft
    CUMMINSCamshaft ET No. MODEL OEM NO. ETC-CS001 CUMMINS 4BT 3929039 ETC-CS002 CUMMINS Camshaft 4BT 3914638 ETC-CS003 CUMMINS 4BT 3925582 ETC-CS004 CUMMINS Camshaft A2300 ETC-CS005 CUMMINS Camshaft 6BT 3949042 ETC-CS006 CUMMINS 6BT5.9 3929042
  • CUMMINS Valve Plunger
    CUMMINSValvePlunger ET No. OEM NO SIZE/MODEL ETC-VP001 CUMMINS Valve Plunger 3907240 D30,d16,H60 ETC-VP002 CUMMINS 2RK109309 D30.1,d16,H60 ETC-VP003 CUMMINS Valve Plunger Z61500050032 D38,d37.5,H72 Welcome to contact us for more information
  • CUMMINS Piston Pin
    CUMMINS Piston Pin ET No. Part No. Part Name ETC-PP001 A3901793 Piston Pin ETC-PP002 A3919053 Piston Pin ETC-PP003 3901597 Piston Pin ETC-PP004 3934046 Piston Pin ETC-PP005 3934047 Piston Pin ETC-PP006 3934048 Piston Pin ETC-PP007 3950549 P
  • CUMMINS Oil Cooler
    CUMMINSOil Cooler ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-OC001 C3284170 CUMMINS Oil Cooler Cover ETCM-OC002 A3921557 CUMMINS Oil Cooler Core ETCM-OC003 A3921558 CUMMINS Oil Cooler Core ETCM-OC004 C3918175 CUMMINS Oil Cooler Core ETCM-OC005 C3957543
  • CUMMINS Valve Guide
  • CUMMINS Piston Ring
    CUMMINS Piston Ring ET No. Engine Model / OEM Dia/mm Ring Width Cylinder/Set ETC-PR001 CUMMINS Fatih 200-26 80.00 2+2+4 4CYL ETC-PR002 CUMMINS Fatih 214-26 92.075 3.16+3.16+4.747 4CYL ETC-PR003 CUMMINS 6BT 3802230 102.00 3+2.35+4 6CYL ETC-P
  • CUMMINS Fuel Pump
    Cummins Fuel Pump ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-FP001 C3977539 CUMMINS Fuel Pump ETCM-FP002 C4934652 CUMMINS Fuel Pump ETCM-FP003 C4937514 CUMMINS Fuel Pump ETCM-FP004 C4944742 CUMMINS Fuel Pump ETCM-FP005 C4946963 CUMMINS Fuel Pump ETCM-F
  • CUMMINS Valve
    CUMMINSValve ET NO. PART NO. Head Dia Stem Dia Overall Length Seat Angle ETC-VL001 9167-Y 1.932 0.4965 7.328 30 ETC-VL002 69032 1.932 0.4965 7.328 30 ETC-VL003 70671 1.745 0.4025 7.058 30 ETC-VL004 144911 1.745 0.4025 7.058 30 ETC-VL005 144
  • CUMMINS Piston
    CUMMINS Piston ET No. Part No. Part Name ETC-PS001 A3907163 CUMMINS 6BT ETC-PS002 A3907156 6BTA ETC-PS003 A3926631 6BTAA ETC-PS004 3919564 CUMMINS 6CT ETC-PS005 A3923163 6CT ETC-PS006 3923163 6CT ETC-PS007 3923164 6CT ETC-PS008 3923165 6CT
  • CUMMINS Oil Pump
    CUMMINS Oil Pump ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-OPP001 C3415365 CUMMINS Oil Pump ETCM-OPP002 C3966840 CUMMINS Oil Pump ETCM-OPP003 C4935792 CUMMINS Oil Pump ETCM-OPP004 C4937408 CUMMINS Oil Pump ETCM-OPP005 C4939585 Oil Pump ETCM-OPP006 C49
  • CUMMINS Cylinder Gasket
    CUMMINS Cylinder Gasket ET No. ENGINE MODEL Parts No. ETC-GK001 CUMMINS Gasket 4BT3.9 3283338 ETC-GK002 3283336 ETC-GK003 3279276 ETC-GK004 3921393 ETC-GK005 3915726 ETC-GK006 3917354 ETC-GK007 3917353 ETC-GK008 3917264 ETC-GK009 3909566 ET
  • CUMMINS Water Pump
    CUMMINS Water Pump ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-WP001 C3415366 CUMMINS Water Pump ETCM-WP002 C3966841 CUMMINS Water Pump ETCM-WP003 C3973114 CUMMINS Water Pump ETCM-WP004 C4935793 CUMMINS Water Pump ETCM-WP005 A3960309 Water Pump ASSY ETC
  • CUMMINS Injection Nozzle
    CUMMINS Injection Nozzle ET NO. Nozzle holder assembly Part number MFR number Application ETC-IN/001 0 432 131 882 3902969 CDC 4T-390 ETC-IN/002 0 432 133 884 3914491 CDC 6BTA-5.9 ETC-IN/003 0 432 133 888 3909522 CDC 6 BT-5.9 ETC-IN/004 0 4
  • CUMMINS Cylinder Liner
    CUMMINS Cast Cylinder Liner ET NO. Model Reference no. Bore Size Note ETC-CL001 250 6610-21-2212 ETC-CL002 B series 3904166 102 200 SEMI, DRY ETC-CL003 C series 3919937 114 238 Harden, WET ETC-CL004 K 4009220/4009221 4009231/4009227 4009228
  • CUMMINS Flywheel Ring Gear
    CUMMINSFlywheel Ring Gear ET NO. ENGINE OEM NO. OUTER D INNER D THK(mm) TEETH ETC-RG001 CUMMINS Ring Gear 4797/6771283 444.5 406 22 103 ETC-RG002 CUMMINS Ring Gear 0 104-1861 271 239 9 106 ETC-RG003 CUMMINS Ring Gear 182954 505 466.6 22 118
  • CUMMINS Cylinder Head
    CUMMINS Cylinder Head ET No. ENGINE MODEL OEM No. ETC-CH001 CUMMINS Cylinder Head 4BT 3962005 ETC-CH002 CUMMINS Cylinder Head 6BT 3913381 ETC-CH003 CUMMINS 6BT/6BTAA 3913391 ETC-CH004 3917287 ETC-CH005 3934747 ETC-CH006 Cylinder Head 6CT 39
  • CUMMINS Alternator
    CUMMINS Alternator ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-AT001 3701N-015 Alternator Pulley ETCM-AT002 37N-01010-Z Alternator ASSY ETCM-AT003 37RC16-01010 CUMMINS Alternator ETCM-AT004 37S26-01010 Alternator ASSY ETCM-AT005 37V66-01010 Alternator A
  • CUMMINS Camshaft Bushing
    CUMMINS Camshaft Bushing ET NO. Part No Engine Model ETC-CB001 3963835 4b3.9 ETC-CB002 3966831 4b3.9 ETC-CB003 3967986 ETC-CB004 3969977 4b3.9 ETC-CB005 3969980 4b3.9 ETC-CB006 3970951 QSL8.9 ETC-CB007 3973660 4ISB ETC-CB008 4007741 QSK60 E
  • CUMMINS Starter Motor
    CUMMINSStarter Motor ET No. Part No. Part Name ETCM-SM001 A3913789 CUMMINS Starter Motor ETCM-SM002 C3415325 CUMMINS Starter Motor ETCM-SM003 C3415484 CUMMINS Starter Motor ETCM-SM004 C3415537 CUMMINS Starter Motor ETCM-SM005 C3415538 CUMMI